PNH Registry

PNH Registry

The PNH Registry is an international, observational, and noninterventional study collecting safety, effectiveness, and QoL data on patients with PNH.

Unite with a global community of physicians in contributing to the largest, most comprehensive PNH patient registry. Those eligible for enrollment include all patients who have been newly or previously diagnosed with PNH or have evidence of positive PNH cells.

  • All physicians managing patients with PNH, regardless of treatment approach, are encouraged to participate

Contribute to treatment objectives, practice patterns, and best practices.

  • An invaluable opportunity to increase understanding of the natural history of PNH and the safety and efficacy of treatments
  • Physicians can enroll all patients with a PNH clone size ≥0.01%

Support scientific collaboration in the PNH community.

  • Offers the international community greater insight into an uncommon disease with potentially devastating consequences

Enroll your patients in the PNH Registry today.

Please contact the PNH Registry hotline:

Telephone: 1.800.913.4893

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